Nope-it’s still about guns

I’ll make this quick-

Maybe it’s just me but it seems the pro-gun lobby has really been hitting the mental health angle a lot recently. I keep hearing “the real thing we need to stop shootings is to fix our mental health system.”

I’m all in favor of fixing it but this is not that hard to understand-

People with powerful guns kill a lot more people than people without powerful guns.

If Adam Landza had gone into Sandy Hook with a knife, or a hunting riffle or even with a gun with just 10 rounds, would there have been the same amount of casualties? Sure, let’s fix our mental health system. However, if you want to reduce gun violence, there is no other way than to reduce access to powerful guns…


4 thoughts on “Nope-it’s still about guns

  1. just to be intellectually honest with yourself and others who may read your blog posts, it might be wise to check the stats on how many of these mass shooters were on antidepressants or other ‘medical’ psycotropic drugs and also investigate the side effects of said drugs before just writing off the topic of mental health as it relates to the mass killings.

    • No one is denying there were many things going on with the shooter of Sandy Hook and other mass murderers. The point still stands-if you have access to unregulated assault weapons, you’re going to cause more damage than if you don’t. Like I said-let’s fix our mental health system. However, plenty of other countries have violent crazy people. The best way to prevent mass shootings is to reduce people’s access to powerful guns…

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